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Our communication actions

Promote and communicate about Charolais meat.

In addition to participating in various events such as the International Agricultural Show or the Charolais Festival in Roanne, Made in Viande, the Charolais Institute carries out various actions to promote Charolais meat:

The Charolles Apprentice Butchers' Competition

Created in 2008, the Charolles Apprentice Butchers' Competition is organised on the occasion of the Beef Festival which takes place on the 1st weekend of December. With 25 training establishments taking part each year, including three Swiss schools, the Charolles competition has established itself as one of the largest competitions for apprentice butchers in France. The attraction of the participating schools and the presence of the Meilleur Ouvrier de France 2015 Romain Leboeuf is proof that this competition is of a high level and that it represents a very good challenge for young people in training and allows them to showcase their talents and know-how.


Promoting the meat trades

hile the showcase competition is an integral part of the Beef Festival programme, the objectives of a competition for apprentice butchers are threefold.

To highlight the profession of butcher

The profession of artisan butcher is an independent profession, rooted in the gastronomic tradition. The butcher's trade offers real prospects for development, up to the status of company director.

The competition is an opportunity to showcase a manual, demanding profession that requires a greater knowledge of meat. He is also a man of relations who advises and guides his customers on the choice of cuts and the way to cook them.


Encouraging young people to take up this profession

The sector recruits, but attracts few candidates. The showcase competition helps to show the dynamics of young people and their interest in this profession. It is also a time for exchange and sharing with the general public, who watch the work of the apprentices throughout the competition.




Promote training centres and apprenticeship teachers

Combining theoretical training in a CFA and practical work experience in a company, apprenticeships enable young people to gain real work experience before entering working life.

This stage is essential to highlight the butchering qualities of the animals and thus enhance the value of all the work in the meat industry.

Edition 2020 cancelled

Due to the health context and the restrictions on reception, the 2020 edition of the Apprentice Butchers' competition will not take place.


An essential partnership


The showcase competition for apprentice butchers could not take place without the investment of professional managers and close partnerships with the players in the sector.

The BIGARD, CHAROLLAIS VIANDES, INTERBEV and PERRIER companies contribute to its implementation and provide support both economically and logistically.


The Charolais Meat Competition of Excellence

Over the years, the Beef Festival has become an unmissable event for the entire industry in our region and beyond. After the success of the Charolais animal competition, the Butcher's Showcase Competition has reached a level of participation and visits demonstrating the importance of the meat trades.

However, breeders and butchers are keen to improve the quality of Charolais products in order to accredit an already recognised reputation.

In order to complete the process, a competition dedicated to the tasting of excellent Charolais meats was missing.


To consult the presentation brochure, click here.

Due to the sanitary context and the restrictions of reception, the 2020 edition of the Charolais Meat Competition of Excellence will not take place.


Also and for the first time in 2019, the Charolais Institute, in partnership with the ODG, the Société d'Agriculture and the OS Charolais organised the Charolais Meat Competition of Excellence to highlight the work of an entire sector. Prizes will be awarded not only to butchers but also to operators and breeders.

This competition is open to all butchers selling Charolais beef under the sign of quality. It is an opportunity to put forward butchers selling quality beef but also all the know-how of a sector!

Consult the 2019 prize list here

Research & Innovation

The Charolais Institute participates in various research and innovation projects to promote quality meat. In 2007, in partnership with the WITTMER High School in Charolles, the Institute set up an innovation programme on Charolais meats within the framework of a Rural Pole of Excellence. This technological hall, specialising in canned products, has since developed numerous recipes based on beef but also sheep, goat and pigs.

Since 2017, the innovation activity has been differentiated from production; this is how the Charolais Technology Platform (PFT) was born with the two historical players but also with new partners: Fontaines Agricultural High School - Agrosup Dijon - National Higher Institute of Agronomic Sciences, Food and Environment - and Dijon University Institute of Technology (IUT).

The mission of the Charolais Technology Platform is to develop innovations in order to enhance the value of Charolais meat and local products, promote short circuits and support company projects.

To discover the PFT du Charolais and our offer: https://www.lycee-wittmer.net/pft/presentation/

Contact: Lieutard Vincent, Coordinator of the Charolais TFP

Avenue de la Libération, 71 120 Charolles

E-mail: vincent.lieutard@ac-dijon.fr

Tel : 03 85 88 01 32



Contract processing

A local processing workshop at your service to enhance the value of your meats.


The Institut Charolais offers you a range of processing services and accompanies you at every stage of the process of enhancing the value of your meat in spreads (rillettes), pâtés and cooked dishes. Its equipment, shared within the Lycée Wittmer, enables it to offer a wide range of recipes based on beef, goat, sheep and pork.

You are a producer, butcher, restaurateur and you want to diversify or expand your range...

Our organisation and operation are adapted to your needs: advice, small volume processing, labelling, our support on all stages allows to have a product 'ready to sell'!

The most of our offer:

  • Processes small amounts of meat
  • A wide choice: no less than 30 products/recipes for beef, sheep or goat that can be kept for 3 years.
  • 4 glass and capsule canning formats (Made In France) that allow you to go from individual to family format.
  • A turnkey offer that allows you to get a product in your name, ready to sell.
  • Without investment of time or money: we do all the transformation and you know exactly the cost of the service.
  • Workshop accredited to CEE standards and has the certification of Organic Agriculture.
  • Monitoring the quality and traceability of your products, additional security in case of inspection.
  • Complementary services to conquer new markets: calculations of the food values of products, supply of EAN barcodes, the possibility of making gluten-free...

For more information on our offer:

Institut Charolais – Frédéric PAPERIN - 03 85 88 04 00 – institut.charolais@wanadoo.fr


Our "Mouthpiece" product range


The Charolais Institute offers a range of high quality products made in the cradle of the breed,  handcrafted  and exclusively from  Charolaismeat. The recipes on offer will appeal to all taste buds thanks to the combination of traditional and bold flavours. 

Thanks to its herb that gives the meat all its flavour and the know-how of its breeders, the Embouche range offers original, qualitative and gourmet products. Through our inking in the heart of Charolais-Brionnais, it values an exceptional terroir and meat.

Discover our full range of products on the e-shop of the Maison du Charolais  (link to the site, beef tab).

The nesting meadows are the best grasslands for Charolais cows.

For more information (tariffs, wholesale orders) contact the Charolais Institute - Frédéric PAPERIN - 03 85 88 04 00 - institut.charolais@wanadoo.fr